Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why, Haters, WHY!!



I know I'm supposed to follow the advice of this man...


No...I won't elaborate....but I just need to make headway on a situation that has me flummoxed.


what do you think? have you been hated on? how did you deal with it?


Invisible Hand said...

I suppose it comes from unhappiness, jealousy and envy. Haters want what you got, which, unfortunately makes it the exclusive domain of have-nots. You never see "haves" hating on "have-nots". Just doesn't happen. That's probably why there are so many haters in the black community -- we ain't got shit.

Truthfully, I've never been a fan of the whole "hating" concept. It's too all encompassing. There are those who see any kind of criticism as hate (Tyler Perry and his feud with film critics comes to mind -- although I'm sure he's got haters, too).

Thomas said...

lol... I observe that success will always bring "haters" (a.k.a. people who don't like your work)

Continue succeeding and soon you'll adore your haters... cause their presence will mean your doing things that they can't

In fact, you'll be a hater at some point... doesn't make your point not valid

Though sometimes, when people have a "he's not that funny look" (even when it's just one guy) my inner hater tends to agree with them... I am my own worst hater... even after making a crowd roar I question the imperfections of my sets

I think I actually hate the slang term of hater, lol... it kind of assumes that people who critique are evil and pointless

The haters I have had and continue to have are all my fuel when I get a new project in my life... it actually makes me feel good to see them feel bad

Diallo said...

i give this post 11 stars in category of Restraint

i was going to post some veiled shots at a certain person residing in the LA area (no doubt, the same person), but cooler heads prevailed

Tony said...

The haves hate on the have nots all the time. Its not always misery loves company or an act of jealousy. Often its not. Sometimes its simply a case that by cutting down everyone else the hater may feel they can stand a little taller. That negativity can be addictive, too.


Why are those who are often said to speak their minds never the people known for their niceness or generosity? The reason, I believe, is because everyone has an inner hater and that some do a better job of stifling it than others.

Anyway, I wish you guys the best.

Nadia said...

I'm still learning how to deal with this situation myself. I don't think I have many legit "haters," but I'm learning how people can behave so wickedly, unprovoked except by maybe their own jealousy. I think Thomas has it right. Success attracts haters.

Bashir said...

Let me be specific:

There are people for whom NOTHING in their life will chance if we get more success; and yet they are actively working against us...it's bizarre.

Thomas said...

look closer... your success means something to them

the forty eight laws of power says to crush your enemies TOTALLY

maybe your success means the enemy won't be able to fuck that cute intern (it could be as silly as that)

Young Atticus said...

you're right...nothign will change if you have success or not..but that's not how THEY see it. Soem unfortunate souls truly believe that there is only room for one ________(black, young person, woman, etc) to shine, and it should be them and not you. The path to nirvana reveals that true success comes when we all shine. I look good if you look good and we look good.

See, e.g., "Millionaire", by Kelis: "I ain't rich, till he is rich, and she is rich, and we is rich"

Blacktain America said...

when beseiged with hate, I always like to kill them with kindness, with a dash of irony....which should be easy for creative writin' folk.